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Absolutely! Qualizy is a pay as you go system, you can get started for free without credit card and only pay if you love it.

Our solution has a powerful templates and alert builder that allows to create any kind of checklists, audits or inspections and bind it with Food traceability, allergens and expiry dates.

There is no engagement. However, if you are willing to commit to at least a twelve-month contract then the price will be cheaper and will subsequently decrease in relation to the length of your contract.

Yes, absolutely. Qualizy doesn't lock you in with a contract on the hardware and you can choose to use any tablet or mobile phone that has a recent browser. 

In that event that you would need a tablet, get in touch with our team to explore our leasing options.

Qualizy is Food Safety and operational checks 'Supertool' that allows to create SOP's, checklists and inspection really quickly, and log data on the fly from any device. 

You don't need to. Qualizy uses the latest technology in terms of the mobile application. You simply need to open the app on the browser and add it to your home screen, so you can enjoy the true power of an app without the hassle of dealing with updates and downloads. 

Our system is designed to match all your business needs. Qualizy’s powerful checklist and audit engine allow you to create any kind of operational check and couple it with enhanced food traceability. We come from the trade so we have been in kitchens ourselves and understand your working environment.

We are a team of well-seasoned chefs and food safety experts who were frustrated by the quantity of required HACCP related paperwork. Joining forces, we decided to create an easy, digital solution that we could use daily.

If you follow our advice and use our digital solution adequately, then we promise you’ll score the highest possible score during each food safety inspection.

Due diligence documentation is mandatory, regardless. We provide you with a solution that safeguards your processes, monitors task completion, and deploys SOPs at scale. The powerful checklist engine precisely replicates all the processes you already have in place.

We will be sorry to see you go, but your data will remain available on our servers for you to download, but you won't be able to use the features of the solution

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The most ethical and logical way to pay for a software

Customers are more cautious than ever when it comes to choosing a food business to go to, therefore cleaning, sanitation protocols and implementation of proper SOP’s becomes more important than ever and you shouldn't have to compromise on this.


Digital solutions can help significantly to regain customer’s trust, train your team and make sure they remain on track with their daily assignments.

When quality and compliance matters as much it does now, you need a partner, not a vendor. In order to reflect that, pricing needs to mirror perfectly your business needs, be lean and as flexible as possible and that's what we have created. 


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