Automate temperature monitoring 

...without breaking the bank!

With temperature and humidity sensors, you will reduce expensive product loss and Ensure compliance with no hassle of manual temperature records


Automate temperature monitoring


  • IP65 Waterproof Level
  • Over 100 meters broadcasting range
  • Over 3 years battery life time
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • High-accuracy digital temperature and humidity sensor
  • Very fast start-up and measurement time
  • Real-time data converting, storing and uploading
  • Excellent security mechanism
  • Direct communication with Qualizy app

Complementary 300 logs/month

on Qualizy app

  • Premium food safety template library
  • Premium HSE template library
  • Automated inspection-ready reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Cloud based document center
  • Fast chat and email support
  • Unlimited teams and users
  • Great Documentation & Video Tutorial
  • Unlimited document export


Qualizy App Pro yearly plan

 $567 $470/yr

  • 12 months Qualizy Software
  • ​Premium Food Safety Templates
  • Premium Health and Safety templates
  • ​Knowledge base
  • Full-fledged HACCP plan
  • HACCP training pack
  • ​Food safety posters
  • Fast chat and email support
  • Unlimited teams and users
  • ​Unlimited document exports
  • ​Great Documentation & Video Tutorials

I would rather pay monthly


We receive, five-stars with no questions asked. The entire process is a breeze as all of our paperwork was logged and could easily be tracked. In fact, they can see when somebody hasn’t done everything… which is a big deal for EHO.



Heath Ince, Brooke leisure group

Operation manager


It is absolutely great as everything we need is in one easy system. It is user-friendly so everybody can have access, unlike moving books around! Everything is there; everybody has access and managers remain in complete control. Qualizy is easier because you actually log in and see who did what and when they did it. Activities logged so nothing is ever left out or overlooked.



Paola Vinciguera, Paesan London 

Operation manager


Everything has been put in place for this to be a successful business; particularly considering I received a five-star hygiene rating. I think that had a lot to do with Quality App.



Lyn Waddington, The tasteful cake

Pastry shop owner 

Great Team

Amazing product

Stellar support


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If you don't like the sensors and prefer to continue monitoring temperatures manually, that's absolutely fine. Simply return the sensors and we will gladly refund your money.


A single overnight walk-in failure could cost you thousands of dollars in product loss.

Key benefits


Always compliant

Take digital control over your Food Safety and HSE compliance, no more paper jungle for your staff


Always efficient

Increase your efficiency with a real-time tracking of actions and food items


Always on time

Make sure that your team’s assignments are completed on time and properly


Never miss a task

Create tasks for your teams, get notified and monitor task completions in a blink of an eye


Reduce food waste

Trace lifetime of all products and be notified of impending expiry in advance to reduce wasting food


Attract more clients

Let everyone know that you adhere to hygiene standards and food security guidelines with a Smart Badge

Less Than 5% of food businesses

Use Automated Sensors

Amazing value at an affordable price!

Businesses were not installing temperature sensors because they used to be very expensive.

 This results in a breach in food safety and an increase of food waste. 


Luckily, installing these affordable sensors is an easy way to solve that problem: continuous temperature monitoring sensors ensure more accurate temperature controls. 


Combined with Qualizy's features, you'll see an immediate improvement of food safety and less food spoilage.

Less than 30 days return on investment

Cheaper, faster and more accurate

On average, It costs $1800 per year in staff hourly costs for a kitchen with 10 fridges. These affordable sensors reduce these costs to 0. From 4 fridges upwards, these sensors pay for themselves in less than 30 days. 


Before $67

Today only $47 per unit


They are connected via Bluetooth to a hub that connecs to the internet via a ethernet cable or wifi. 

Yes, you can configure alerts to by sent by push notifications, SMS, and email. You are able to decide which temperature triggers this notification.

The data is stored in the cloud, with servers in USA, UK and Germany. The data is automatically collected by Qualizy and sent into reports or you choice.

Yes, Internet or 3/4G is required in order to collect the data from the receiver. 

Our wireless sensors work without a subscription, however the free plan limit is 300 lines of data per month. Passed this limit, you will need to upgrade to a pro version.

You will be able to find you data in a blink of an eye in Qualizy. Reports are built automatically, and you can easily export the data in PDF, DOC, send it by email or demonstrate compliance right from your computer screen or tablet.

Not at all, If you know how to connect your phone to the wifi, you will know how to connect the sensors to the internet. This is even faster if you use a ethernet cable connected to your internet box.

The battery life is 3 years in fridges and 2 1/2 in freezers. In any case you can replace the battery easily. Batteries can be found in any retail store and costs approx $3/piece.

You can in hot tables, they tolerate up to 70°C. They should not be directly in contact with food or liquids.

These sensors work between -40°C to +70°C

Yes, they work in both Celsius and fahrenheit.

Yes, a wifi receiver is absolutely necessary to receive the data from the wireless sensors.


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